Using Color Scheme on BW WordPress Theme

At BW WordPress theme version 1.3 we can change the color skin with 7 schemes and 1 default scheme options.

To choose what color we want to use we just go to the options page at or Admin => Appearances => Customize. From there, select and click the options page named BW Color Option.

In the select options will display the current theme style, if this was first time the theme activated.

After we select one of the options the browser will refresh automatically.  There will be many elements changes the color styles.

The post background and text color will changed, also the links color. So we must make sure any text in post content that had been input with specific color with <span> tag can readable after the background changed.

Also in the widgets at sidebar. Make sure any text with <span> color can readable.

The last one we must get out attantion is the site title link color. There was a shodow color on site title, so, if we had choose the header title, we must also see if the color well-suited with the shadow color.

If we want using our style so we insert some lines of codes inside the style.css and functions.php file. But we must create child theme to the customization complete and safety changes.

BW WordPress theme
Color scheme options.

Note: This post has been edited since BW WordPress theme version 4.1 update.


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