Create BW Child Theme

To create a child theme of BW we need to do is create a folder and some files in our child theme. And files that should in there is style.css.

At the beginning of the style.css file we put some short lines like this:

/ *
Theme Name: BW Child
Theme URI: your theme homepage
Tags: black, white, red, green, blue, yellow, dark, light, right-sidebar, two-columns, custom-colors, custom-background, custom-header, custom-menu, featured-images, sticky-post, custom-menu, post-formats
Description: Sub theme from BW WordPress theme.
Author: your name
Author URI: your homepage
Template: bw / * remember, the text must be lowercase * /
Version: 0.5
* /
@ import url('../bw/style.css');

After that we check to see if the stylesheet has working properly (child theme also have to activated), we put some styles, such as these:

. entry-content {
background: gold;
color: silver;

When the background color of the content and text color changed to the color of the stylesheet that means it has to function properly. And we can safety begin to modification the theme. All changes we made will not be rewrite when install the theme update.

We can also add new files suit our purposes or alter, reduce or add certain code on an existing file, for example to add new menu at the bottom, then we just need to create a file functions.php and copy the footer.php file.


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