BW WordPress theme


BW WordpPress theme made ​​for WordPress users and distributed with the GNU General Public License v2. BW can be used, modified and distributed, even sell it if you wish (full details see

BW features

Some of the features in BW WordPress theme:

Customizable image or logo.
Customizable background color and image.
Customization menu.
6 post formats.
5 color schemes (see Version 1.3).

  • Social media icon (see Version 2.2).
  • BW structure

    1100px width.
    Two columns, the main column 760px and the second one 330px.
    The sidebar on the right side.
    A flexible menu at the top.
    Flexible at 600px wide screen.

    BW Color

    Accordance with the theme name, BW based on two basic colors: black and white. In version 1.3 the color

    BW Font

    Book Antiqua.
    10 Pitch Courier, Courier, monospace.
    Lucida Sans Unicode.
    Times New Roman.
    Georgia, Serif.
    Palatino Linotype.

    BW file types

    BW is constructed with 4 kinds of files.


    BW changes

    Until today, Saturday, August 24, 2013, WordPress themes experiencing BW 4 times change.
    0.1 The first and most basic version.
    0.2 Changes in appearance and systems based on instructions from the WordPress Theme Review (see more in
    0.3 Changes in appearance according to the instructions of the WordPress Theme Review (see more in
    0.4 Changes in appearance according to the instructions of the WordPress Theme Review. And final adjustments before being released to the public.
    0.5 The first version, published through WordPress themes directory (
    1.1 The first update.
    1.3 Added theme schemes. That will let the user choise what color they want.
    2.1 The second update.
    2.2 Added social media icon and 2 new color schemes.
    3.1 The third update. Added 2 BW widgets (Random posts and Recent posts) and 1 color scheme (see BW WordPress Theme Version 3.1).

    Look at the project directly
    tema black white


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